How to Make a Tent Awning

How to Make a Tent AwningIf you do not have a screened tent or are camping in rainy conditions, having an awning on your tent is indispensable. Many tent designs have an awning attached to front, but if yours doesn't, don't despair. Making one is relatively easy. In fact, most of the supplies you will need are probably stored in your gear bag. Before you know it, you'll be saying "Let the rain come on" because you will be protected by your homemade tent awning.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

What to do:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tarp
  • Clamps
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Tent poles
Step 1
Set your tent up in an area that has several trees in front of it. This will make tying off the tarp a bit easier. If there are no trees, you can still erect the tarp by using extra tent poles.
Step 2
Spread out your tarp and drape it over the tent. Pull it forward, toward the door section, letting it cover the top half of your tent.
Step 3
Measure a length of rope long enough to tie to the tarp's corner grommets and still reach around the trees. Tie the rope onto the tarp's front corners.
Step 4
Clip the back half of the tarp to the sides of the tent to hold it in place. You may have to use several clamps, one on the top back corners and one on each side to hold the tarp securely in place.
Step 5
Pull one corner of the front section of the tarp up and tie the rope to the tree. Try to tie the rope high enough so you can stand up under the tarp awning. Repeat this step on the other front corner of the tarp. Pull the tarp taunt as you tie off the ropes.
Step 6
Place a tent pole underneath the center section of the tarp awning to hold it up. This will allow any water to run off and not accumulate on the top section, making the awning bog down with the weight.
Step 7
If you can't use trees to tie off the rope, hammer two tent poles into the ground in front of the tent. Get the poles deep enough into the ground so they support the weight of the tarp.
Step 8
Tie off your ropes to each tent pole, pulling the tarp tight. Place a tent pole underneath the center section of the tarp to hold it up. Your tent awning is now ready to use.

Article Written By Joyce Starr

Joyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.

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