Cruise Vacation Planning

Cruise Vacation Planning
Planning a cruise vacation is easy in the sense that the mechanics of getting on board a ship are not too difficult. The difficulty in planning a vacation cruise comes on the side of choice. So many choices abound in the world of cruises that it can be overwhelming. The key to planning a perfect cruise vacation, therefore, is narrowing down exactly what it is you expect from this type of getaway.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Cruise Vacation Planning

Step 1
Choose where you want your cruise to take you. The port of call and itinerary of cruise ships can take you to many different places. Decide whether your idea of a great vacation cruise involves wearing jackets while you view Alaska glaciers or a bikini as you swim in the crystal clear waters of Cancun.
Step 2
Be honest with yourself about how long you can stand to be on a ship. Most cruises take up seven nights, whether your traveling to Mexico or Bermuda. If this is your first cruise and you are kind of dipping your toe into the cold water, consider taking a shorter cruise that lasts only three or four nights.
Step 3
Consult the itinerary of the cruise ship before you book it and compare the days at sea and the days at port to what you desire. Some cruise ships dock at different ports every day, allowing you to go ashore and get in some hiking or rock climbing or shopping. Others might be out to sea between ports for two or three days. Decide what you want from a cruise ship, and if that means being able to get inland every day to get in some recreational activity, make sure you don't book a ship that spends most of its time at sea.
Step 4
Match the size of the ship to your personality type. Ask yourself if you would prefer to be on a ship with more than 3,500 other passengers or would you be more comfortable on a much smaller ship carrying less than 400 passengers. Also keep in mind that the larger the ship, the more activities and amenities there will be. If being on a larger ship isn't as attractive as being on a more intimate sailing ship, then look for a cruise vacation that offers more intimacy and privacy.
Step 5
Compare recreational activities between cruise lines to find a perfect cruise for the outdoor enthusiast. If you choose a Caribbean cruise, you will have plenty of opportunities to go snorkeling, diving and engage in other water sports pretty much regardless of the cruise line you choose. Look into what kind of recreational activities each cruise line and ship offer onboard. Some ships offer rock climbing walls, jogging tracks, and even inline and ice skating opportunities. If you want to spend a lot of your time on the ship having the kind of outdoor fun you have at home, there is a ship out there just for you.

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