Wild Bird Identification Guide

Wild Bird Identification Guide
Spending time outdoors watching birds is an enjoyable pastime. It is even more satisfying when you can put a name to some strange bird you've just seen. Although most of us are familiar with the birds around our house, a trip to the country or a vacation can put us in contact with birds we have never seen. Equipped with a bird field guide and a set of binoculars, strange birds can usually be identified. Bring a field guide with you whenever you set out on birding expeditions.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Wild Bird Identification Guide

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bird field guide Binoculars Pen and paper
  • Bird field guide
  • Binoculars
  • Pen and paper
Step 1
Upon seeing an unknown bird, use binoculars to study it. Make notes describing the bird. Try to get as much information as possible about that bird before it flies away.
Step 2
Make note of the size, shape, beak and color of the bird. Look for unusual markings. Watch the bird fly and look for markings on the wings. Notice what type of terrain the bird inhabits.
Step 3
Use the field guide to identify the bird. Look for a similar-looking bird in the color drawing or photographs section.
Step 4
Read the description of the bird that looks similar to the bird you saw. The field guide will describe the size, shape, colors, feeding habits and range of that particular bird.
Step 5
Compare the description with your notes. After studying the pictures and the description, make a positive identification of the bird.

Tips & Warnings

Using a quality pair of binoculars will help relieve eye strain.

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