Michigan Bird Identification

Michigan Bird Identification
Michigan is home to a respectable 414 different bird species, and with its variety of habitats and wide open spaces, it makes a good place for bird watching in the northern United States. For the amateur or novice birder, making an identification of a bird in the wild may seem intimidating, but it is really just a simple matter of observing bird characteristics and using them to eliminate candidates and make categorizations.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Binoculars
  • Binoculars
Step 1
Observe the size and shape of the body, and also the proportion of the head to the body. During the summer, short-eared owls come to Michigan to breed. They are medium-sized and have a big, round head.
Step 2
Study the tail and the bill next. The trumpeter swan, found in southern Michigan, has a black, duck-like bill and a stubby tail.
Step 3
Study the bird's coloration. Michigan's state bird is the American robin. Theses familiar birds have brownish-gray bodies with orange chests and underparts, and dark heads. Females can be identified by their paler heads.
Step 4
Note how the bird behaves. Broad-winged hawks in Michigan are aerial-diving hunters who go after small rodents and other, similar mammals, small reptiles and the like.
Step 5
Note the bird's habitat as well. The spruce grouse lives in Michigan's forests, and is a ground-nester.

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