How to Decide Where to Go on a Tropical Vacation

How to Decide Where to Go on a Tropical Vacation
Tropical destinations abound, and choosing among all the possible resorts, beaches and vacation possibilities may seem an impossible task. However, once you break each potential location down into its component parts, a clear winner may emerge. Tropical destinations have incredibly varied landscapes. If you want to explore a specific natural feature--rainforest, rocky cliffs, volcano, lagoons, a small collection of islands--there are accommodations and travel options for each. The timing of your vacation may also greatly influence the quality of your stay. Weather can have a dramatic effect, with hurricanes and heavy rains affecting tropical areas seasonally.


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Step 1
Set an approximate amount you wish to spend on your vacation. Doing so may impose immediate limits on your choices. Generally, the greater the distance you travel, the more you will pay for transportation costs; locations halfway around the world may cost you more in travel than an entire vacation closer to home.
Step 2
Explore discount travel packages. These are available during certain seasons or slow times of the year for a particular destination. Package tours may include travel costs, room and some meals or entertainment for a single price.
Step 3
Consider an all-inclusive resort. These locations give you control over costs and provide you a list of possible activities and prices long before you depart, allowing you to plan and budget ahead.


Step 1
Decide whether you expect to stay in a hotel, motel or other form of accommodation. To choose lodging, consider which amenities you may utilize. Spa services, beach access, a guest swimming pool, room service, concierge service and a view with a balcony or patio are all possible factors.

The location's proximity to attractions you want to visit or areas you want to explore is also important and may save you transportation costs, hassles and time during your stay.
Step 2
While some people never see the need to leave their hotel, others want to explore the area. Research local nightlife, cuisine, flora and fauna of interest to your or your fellow travelers and consider which choice offers you the most options during the time you will be visiting.

If you want to visit an area where you can dive, surf or participate in other outdoor activities, ask about the availability of rental gear and experts or guides to provide lessons or lead parties for exploration.
Step 3
Inquire about safety as an American citizen or a tourist and ask about crime in the area. Be wary of areas experiencing strikes, political upheaval or any form of civil unrest. Check into whether the authorities of the area are trustworthy, where to seek help in an emergency and the location of your embassy.

Ask your resort or hotel about key cards, security systems and measures taken to protect guests.


Step 1
Choose a form of travel that fits your social requirements. Guided tours and tour groups may offer you company if you travel alone or prefer to meet new people.

Resorts may cater to families with children by offering special menus, activities and childcare. Barbados offers a number of resorts that provide less expensive family packages.

Tropical destinations are inherently romantic, but some offer more luxury and seclusion than others. Express your wishes concerning privacy or special touches and your hosts may be able to meet those expectations.
Step 2
Gamble during your stay, if you like. Certain destinations are more open to gambling and offer choices in gambling possibilities. Try the resort casinos of the Bahamas, hotel casinos of Puerto Rico or visit Aruba, which offers gambling in settings from casual comfort to glamorous casinos, all in American dollars and with a 24-hour gambling option.
Step 3
Explore the area through an adventure package and you will not have to work on your own to discover the best places to see. If you prefer to go it alone, several spots offer greater access to untouched natural spaces.

Barbuda is less populated and less often visited than other Caribbean destinations. It offers undeveloped wilderness areas to explore, along with caving, diving and bird watching. Los Cabos, Mexico, offers golfing, sailing and access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

Article Written By Alice Moon

Alice Moon is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience. She was chosen as a Smithsonian Institute intern, working for the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and has traveled throughout Asia. Moon holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Ball State University.

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