Walleyes Fishing Guide to Lake Ontario

Walleyes Fishing Guide to Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario provides some world class walleye fishing in areas such as the Bay of Quinte in the Canadian province of Ontario and New York's Henderson Harbor. Both areas have mass expanses of water to cover and trolling crank baits, like Storm Hot N Tots, with the use of side planers enabling anglers to cover plenty of water looking for hungry walleyes.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Cover Water, Find Fish

Things You’ll Need:
  • Line counter levelwind reel Trolling rod Storm Hot n Tot lure Off Shore Tackle Side Planer
  • Line counter levelwind reel
  • Trolling rod
  • Storm Hot n Tot lure
  • Off Shore Tackle Side Planer
Step 1
When you start to troll for walleyes on Lake Ontario, slow the boat down to a speed of 1.5 to 1.8 miles per hour. Walleyes prefer not to chase a fast-moving bait and a slow troll with a wiggling crank bait is the best bet.
Step 2
Start by letting the Storm Hot n Tot out behind the boat, making sure the line counter on the reel is at zero when you start. Let the lure back 100 feet to start as this will be the first lure out.
Step 3
Once you have the lure placed back, engage the reel and place the line in the release clip on the Off Shore OR12 Side Planer. Place the Side Planer in the water and disengage the reel to the release line. Let the Side Planer out 25 to 40 feet and it will move off to the side of the boat.
Step 4
Once the Side Planer is at the correct distance, engage the reel again and place it in a rod holder. The lure is now behind and off to the side of the boat, away from the disturbance of the motor.
Step 5
When a walleye strikes, you will see the Side Planer bob in the water and get pulled back. Remove the rod from the rod holder and carefully reel until the Side Planer is in the boat. Squeeze the release clip on the Side Planner to remove it from the main line and continue to fight the walleye until you get it in the net.

Tips & Warnings

Use different colored lures as you troll as walleyes will key in on certain patterns depending on the weather conditions.
Side Planners are available in left and right hand versions. Make sure to use them on the proper side of the boat so they do not tangle.

Article Written By Brian M. Kelly

Brian M. Kelly has been freelance writing since 2003. His work has been published in respected outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life, Great Lakes Angler and Salmon Trout Steelheader. He holds an associate's degree in automated machine design from Macomb College.

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