How to Choose Ski Boots

How to Choose Ski Boots
A good ski boot can improve your steering and balance along with keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Shopping for the right ski boots can actually be more stressful than finding the right skis, because the job entails more than finding a good price, color or model. Make the shopping process easier by having an idea of what you want out of your ski boots.


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Step 1
Narrow your search by determining what type of ski-boot profile you fit. Beginning to intermediate skiers should wear comfort-fit boots, while intermediate to advanced skiers should use performance-fit boots. Expert skiers wear high-performance-fit boots, which are stiffer in order to provide support but more difficult to maneuver.
Step 2
Find your ski-boot size using the Mondo scale. This scale is measured in centimeters and does not correspond to traditional shoe sizes.
Step 3
Shop for boots with specialty soles if you have high arches or other specific needs. This may also determine the volume of boot needed. A comfort fit will offer the most volume in the boot, while high-performance fit offers the least amount of volume.
Step 4
Measure your forefoot width to help determine what toe-box volume you need. The average forefoot width measures 100 centimeters.
Step 5
Fit the cuff of the boot to your calves. Depending on the shape of your calves, you may need to swap out cuffs for the best fit in your ski boots.

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