How to Keep a Camera Dry in a Canoe

How to Keep a Camera Dry in a Canoe
For a photographer, a canoe is a perfect platform to capture some incredible images of wildlife and nature. The temptation is to throw the camera around your neck, hop in the canoe and started paddling. But before you start your photo adventure, keep in mind the cost of your camera and the inherit instability of a canoe. The shape and form of the canoe allows the paddler to get closer to wildlife than in a conventional boat. But the strengths of the canoe also dictate its weaknesses. A canoe can tip over easily! You need to keep your camera safe from a "dunk in the drink," but close at hand for those spur-of-the-moment shots.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Dry bag Weatherproof backpack Bungee cord or rope
  • Dry bag
  • Weatherproof backpack
  • Bungee cord or rope
Step 1
Purchase a dry bag. Dry bags are heavy plastic or polyurethane bags with an opening large enough to fit a 35mm digital camera. A clear dry bag such as the Aquapac-whanganui waterproof case is perfect for securing a DSLR.
Step 2
Look for a backpack that will fit securely in the bottom of the canoe. Backpacks measuring roughly 37 inches in length will fit nicely in most canoes. The Dakine Pro 2 backpack is an excellent backpack with a waterproof cover and sealed zippers perfect for keeping your camera dry. If you are looking for photo-specific backpacks check for bags made by Domke, Tamrac and LowePro. These backpacks are constructed specifically for a DSLR with a zoom lens attached.
Step 3
Placed your camera in the dry bag. Then place the camera in your weatherproof backpack.
Step 4
Lash or tie your backpack with a rope or bungee cord inside the canoe within reach of your paddling position.

Tips & Warnings

Balance in a canoe is very important. Most of your gear should be placed in a middle neutral position. The camera equipment is the exception.
The tips on keeping your camera dry are specifically for fresh water. Salt water is deadly for a DSLR.

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