How to Plan a Train Travel Route

How to Plan a Train Travel Route
Except for short hops, air travel is quicker than the train. Driving can also take less time, depending on the route. But riding the train affords you the opportunity to watch the scenery pass by and get up and stretch your legs. Plan your route with your reason for travel in mind. Leisurely vacation trips take more planning than quick trips between cities. Start by downloading route maps or picking them up at the train station.


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Step 1
Call a travel agent, the railway or go to the rail carrier's website to begin your route planning. Be prepared with your travel dates and how much you want to spend on a ticket. Rail schedules might not accommodate some dates, so plan to be flexible. Different classes of service carry different costs.
Step 2
Ask if you can check your luggage through to your destination on long trips. Carry a small overnight bag with your essentials: medications, eyeglasses, passport or other identification, and a change of clothes.
Step 3
See what amenities are available on the train. If there is no food service, plan a route with stops where you can pick up a sandwich or bottle of water. If this isn't possible, carry your own snacks and drinks.
Step 4
Plan stops along the way if you're taking a leisurely route. Go to the websites of the towns the train stops in and check for sightseeing opportunities and overnight accommodations.
Step 5
Select a carrier that will allow you to take your bike with you on the train. Use it for sightseeing side trips.
Step 6
Check for connections. Sometimes the nearest station to your destination is miles away. Confirm with the railway that they provide bus or limo service to your destination as part of the train ticket cost.

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