How to Fit Snow Skis

How to Fit Snow Skis
Many skiers rent skis based on the advice of workers manning the rental counter at whichever ski resort they are visiting. It may only take you one trip down a ski hill, but when you have decided that you enjoy to ski and plan to do it on a semi-regular or regular basis, you will want to purchase your own skis. If you are purchasing your first pair of skis for yourself or your child, you must understand how to properly fit snow skis. An incorrect fit can lend to the creation of bad habits and may even lead to serious injuries.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Scale
  • Tape measure
  • Snow skis
Step 1
Determine your height and weight. The size of your snow skis greatly depends on your height and adjustments must be made for weight so you must step on the scale and measure your exact height prior to purchasing snow skis.
Step 2
Evaluate your skill level. Typically advanced skiers will have longer skis while beginners will start on shorter skis which are easier to control.
Step 3
Determine what kind of terrain that you will ski on the most. Extreme skiers who choose to ski on fresh powder and advance skiers who race and jump will use longer skis than the leisure skier who chooses to meander down ski mountains at a moderate pace.
Step 4
Consult the ski sizing guide in the Resources section of this article to give you a starting size. Look for your weight on the table and read the recommended snow ski length range for your skill level and purpose. Beginning skiers should be at the low end of the range, while advance skiers may be at the high end of the range.

Tips & Warnings

Try renting a variety of different lengths of snow skis to see how they feel before making a big purchase. Start with skis that are your height and make adjustments up or down as necessary.
Beginners, especially children, should never have skis which are taller than them because shorter skis are easier to control.

Article Written By Jessica Morelock

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