How to Camp in France With a Tent

How to Camp in France With a Tent
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to travel to France for a vacation, you may want to consider camping. There are places to camp with a tent in every region of France, even in major tourist cities such as Paris and Nice. It can be a cheap way to see France and in some instances you can even get better locations by camping versus staying in a hotel as there are a number of locations with their own beach access points along the coasts.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Internet access
  • Camping Card International
  • Passport
Step 1
Determine if you want to bring your own camping equipment with you or if you want to look for a campground that has tents available. If you are flying and worried about extra baggage fees or just want to lighten your load, there are a lot of campgrounds that have tents available. Not bringing your own tent makes it difficult to spontaneously pick a place to sleep as you can only stay at places with tents.
Step 2
Locate a campsite in France in the region of your choice on the website (see resources). The website has a directory of 11,000 campgrounds in France broken down by region. While you can wait until you get to France and look for signs pointing to a nearby campground, you may want to look at the directory to have an idea where to look for a site for your tent or even for camps with certain amenities. Some have their own beach access or a swimming pool. From the directory listing, some camping locations have websites where you can book a campsite in advance. As of September 2009, rates average from 15 Euros to 30 Euros per night.
Step 3
Purchase a Camping Card International (CCI) from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) before leaving for your camping trip to France. You will need to be either a CAA or American Automobile Association (AAA) member to get the card, which has a cost of $20 in 2009. The card is good for a period of 12 months once purchased and offers discounts on camping worldwide. The real benefit to the card is that it comes with third-party insurance so that when you arrive at the campground on France, you do not have to pay for insurance, give a deposit or leave your passport with it for the duration of your stay.

Tips & Warnings

Bring your own toilet paper as a lot of campgrounds don't provide it.

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