How to Clean Bluebird Houses

How to Clean Bluebird Houses
Whoever first proclaimed that beggars can't be choosers had obviously forgotten about the bluebird, which is both. Bluebirds don't make their own homes, but take over old ones once occupied by other birds instead. If you choose to help these brightly colored birds with this endeavor, only minimal effort is required on your part to help provide a nice clean home for your avian friends. For bird watchers and bird enthusiasts alike, this is a task that will keep bluebirds coming back each year.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Scraper or putty knife
  • Bleach
  • Clean cloth
Step 1
Remove the bluebird house from its location so that you can effectively clean it.
Step 2
Empty the house of any old nest material which can harbor unhealthy parasites and germs.
Step 3
Use a putty knife or scraper to chip away any debris that may be stuck on the inside of the box.
Step 4
Make a solution of a pint of warm water and two tablespoons of bleach.
Step 5
Dip a cloth or paper towels in the solution and wipe out the inside of the house.
Step 6
Place the house back in its location after it is completely dry.

Tips & Warnings

Bluebird houses should be cleaned out after each brood has left the nest.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to bluebirds.

Article Written By Melynda Sorrels

Melynda Sorrels spent 10 years in the military working in different capacities of the medical field, including dental assisting, health services administration, decontamination and urgent medical care. Awarded the National Guardsman’s Medal for Lifesaving efforts in 2002, Sorrels was also a nominee for a Red Cross Award and a certified EMT-B for four years.

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