How to Adjust a Shimano Fishing Rod

How to Adjust a Shimano Fishing Rod
Shimano manufactures fishing rods and reels that are designed for maximum flexibility to suit various fishing conditions. Shimano fishing rods feature a system of adjustable weights and other options to improve the balance and response of a rod to suit individual angling requirements.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Shimano fishing rod
  • Reel spooled with line
Step 1
Balance the rod to suit your preferences by changing the weight in the rod butt. Do this by unscrewing the counter-balance knob on the end of the rod, then add or remove weights.
Step 2
Test the rod balance by cradling the grip in your open palm. A balanced rod should remain level and parallel to the floor as it rests in your hand. If you prefer a heavier grip for leverage in fighting a fish, add more weight.
Step 3
Adjust the line guides to make sure they are straight by bending gently. Hold the rod up to eye level as you would sight down the barrel of a rifle. You should be able to see straight through all guides to the tip of the rod.
Step 4
Customize the Shimano Slide 'N' Grip reel seat, allowing you to mount a reel on your Shimano rod in the most comfortable position. Turn the foregrip clockwise to lower and counterclockwise to move it further up the rod.
Step 5
Mount the reel foot underrneath the rod seat at the forward position where the Slide 'N' Grip is located, then slide the rear rod seat over the rear reel foot.
Step 6
Tighten the locking bolt on the rear rod seat by turning clockwise.

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