How to Rig a Jug Line for Bass Fishing

How to Rig a Jug Line for Bass Fishing
Jug fishing is a way of fishing that uses multiple hooks and bait in order to have the best chance at catching a lot of fish. A standard jug fishing setup will have a large number of baited hooks with floats above them, all connected by a fishing line or some sort of twine. While jug fishing is traditionally used when pursuing catfish, the method is also used to catch other species like bass.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Empty 1-qt. jug or Styrofoam float
  • Thin rope
  • Twine
  • Large barrel swivel
  • Bait hooks
  • Weights
  • Bait
Step 1
Cut a 6-foot long piece of rope. Tie one end to a fixed object--a tree trunk or something like it--that is in or near the water. Tie the other end to the handle of the jug.
Step 2
Cut about 2 to 3 feet of twine, tying one end to the jug handle just as you did the rope, and the other to a large barrel swivel.
Step 3
Cut another 1-foot piece of twine. Tie one end to the barrel swivel and a large bait hook to the other.
Step 4
Bait the hooks with the bass bait that is most effective in your local waters. Shad or perch are often good live bait for bass, as they trigger the predatory instinct for which they are so well known. Set the rig out in the water and monitor the floats. When one is bobbing or moving, you probably have a fish, so pull in the rigging.
Step 5
Repeat this rigging for as many floats and hooks as you want to fish, making sure you follow all local game and fish regulations.

Article Written By Anthony Smith

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