How to Climb a Betel Nut Tree

How to Climb a Betel Nut Tree
The betel nut tree flourishes in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. As a type of palm tree, it doesn't have lower branches, and is very thin and tall. The only way to climb it without any gear is pretty much through using your muscle and practicing. Usually the first branches appear about 20 feet up, so it is important to be careful and learn to support all of your weight.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Gloves
Step 1
Examine the tree trunk to make sure there are no dangerous insects that could bite you, such as ants. Wear protective gloves to protect your hands and get a better grip.
Step 2
Look for the best place to wrap your arms around the trunk, then pull yourself off the ground and jump onto the tree. Wrapping your body around the trunk, use your legs to push yourself up the trunk. Use the inner sides of your feet and soles to grasp the tree. Push yourself up against the tree, dragging upwards to climb. It is like a thrusting manuever, slowly pushing your entire body up.
Step 3
Reach with your arms upward before each thrust, but keep them wrapped around the tree for balance and stability. Repeat this procedure until you are as high as you want to be, or until you reach a branch for support.
Step 4
Grab onto the closest branch carefully, and pull on it to test it out. You need to see if it can hold your weight. Hold onto the branches for added support, but this is most likely the highest you will want to go, whether it is to enjoy the view or get betel nuts. Keep your legs wrapped around the trunk.

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