How to Install Stubborn Folding Bicycle Tires

How to Install Stubborn Folding Bicycle Tires
Folding tires generally have a soft bead that makes them light, compressible and easy to remove; however, they can be nightmarish to install for the first time. After removing the packaging from a folded tire, you'll probably have a crimped, tangled mess of rubber to unfold and wrap over your tire. With a bit of practice and a lot of patience, though, you'll have that tire clamped over the wheel just as fast as a wire bead. You may even come to enjoy the lighter lever pressure required to get it on the rim.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tire lever
Step 1
Remove your tire from its packaging and unfold it. Cut any ties or rubber bands that may be holding it.
Step 2
Press out the belt along the whole length of the tire. It should keep some shape.
Step 3
Inflate a tube just enough to give it a solid shape. Insert the valve into its slot in the wheel rim, and wrap the tube over the wheel.
Step 4
Fold the tire over the rim and tube just above the tube's valve. Pull on either side of the tire to secure it over the rim, then continue wrapping the tire over the wheel. Keep tension on the tire to avoid pulling it off the rim. Use a tire lever to secure the final few inches, taking care not to fold the tube between the tire wall and rim. The tire should now be loosely secured to the wheel with the sidewalls unsecured.
Step 5
Use a lever to push in one sidewall of the tire, then flip the wheel over and secure the other sidewall as you would any normal tire.

Tips & Warnings

If you find it difficult to lever in the sidewalls, let a little air out after you've mounted the tire.

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