How to Do a Nose Press on a Snowboard

How to Do a Nose Press on a Snowboard
A nose press on a snowboard is not one of the more difficult tricks, but it is a step up from board slides on a grind rail and 50/50s. It requires a little more patience, attention to balance and practice. Also, make sure you are very comfortable in your snowboarding gear.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Grind rail
Step 1
Set yourself up for a nose press just as you would for a 50/50. Start far back from the grind rail so you can get enough speed, but not too fast. Head towards the rail straight, lining up your shoulders with it.
Step 2
Crouch down a little and jump up to get on the rail as you would in a typical grind slide. Transfer your weight to the nose of the board, towards your toes on that foot.
Step 3
Maintain your weight towards the nose of the board by using your arms and shoulders to balance, keeping your arms relaxed and out a little at your sides. Focus on balancing your hips to stay on the rail.
Step 4
Push off the end of the rail with the nose of the board as you hit it, letting the board pop you off the rail. Focus straight in front of you for a smooth landing, or try spinning to the left or right when you pop up to do a 180 turn.
Step 5
Bend your knees to brace for the landing, then extend your legs down as you meet the snow. Press the board into the snow and proceed to ride, standing back up straight.

Article Written By Lauren Wise

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