How to Travel From Ireland to India Over Land

How to Travel From Ireland to India Over Land
If you reside or are in Ireland, you might find it necessary to trek to India. This might be for a business trip or simply for fun. If you would rather skip the airfare, you will be left with two major options. Car or train. Because it might prove difficult to transport your car into the different countries (not to mention rough on the car), you might find it best to take the train. Outside of a small ferry jaunt from Ireland to Britain, you can do the majority of the trip on land. However, the trip will typically take close to two weeks, so pace yourself. You don't want to spend two weeks straight on a train.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Passport
  • Passport
Step 1
Board a ferry from Dublin to Liverpool, England. Because Ireland is an island, this portion of the trip must be made by ferry.
Step 2
Dock in Liverpool and head to the Lime Street railway station. Purchase a ticket from Liverpool to London.
Step 3
Arrive in London and board a train bound for Paris in France. You might want to stop to see the sights or continue on your journey.
Step 4
Purchase a railway pass from Paris to Munich in Germany. Once your train stops in Munich, you will want to purchase a ticket for Istanbul, Turkey. This train will be overnight, so you might want to buy a ticket for a private cabin, or at least a seat that turns into a sleeping compartment at night.
Step 5
Disembark from Istanbul and board the train bound for Tehran, Iran. This ride will be even longer than the previous ride and will generally take around three days to complete. This train only leaves on Wednesdays, so you might be stuck in Istanbul for a few days. Take the time to see the sights or stretch your legs on a bike or just relax.
Step 6
Leave Tehran for the southern city of Kerman, Iran. There is a daily train, so you will not be forced to stay in Tehran for very long. The trains are all overnight, so it should pass quickly while you sleep.
Step 7
Ready yourself for the shortest train ride of the trip. Board the train from Kerman to Bam, which is just the next town over. Once in Bam, you will need to get off because this is the end of this line. You will find buses at the train station that can take you to the city of Zahedan, a city on the edge of the Iranian border. This bus ride will only take a few hours.
Step 8
Take the train from Zahedan to Quetta, Pakistan. The problem with this train is that it only departs Zahedan on the third and 17th of each month. There used to be a train that departed more frequently, but it was stopped because of security problems. This train does not have any sleeping cars and runs slow, so bring plenty of food and water with you.
Step 9
Hop onto the Quetta to Lahore, Pakistan, train. Lahore is on the edge of the Pakistan and India border. This train runs daily, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.
Step 10
Depart Lahore for Amritsar, India. This train runs twice a week so you might be left to explore the city of Lahore for a day or two. This train ride will take around seven or so hours because of border crossing formalities. Once you arrive to Amritsar you will have completed your trip from Ireland to India over land.

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