How to Make a Barn Owl Nesting Box

How to Make a Barn Owl Nesting Box
A barn owl is rare sight to see. It's even more rare if one decides to live on your property. But building a nest box can attract them, which will be beneficial for you (to get rodents out of your barn) and beneficial to the owl (which now has a home).
The location of the barn box is key.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Plywood, amount depends on size of nesting box
  • Screwdriver and 1-inch screws
  • Hammer and 1-inch nails, if desired instead of screws
  • Drill
  • Work gloves, if desired
  • Wood chips
  • Saw
  • Metal braces
Step 1
Pick a place for your barn owl nesting box. One of the best locations is wherever an owl has been spotted in a rural area. This includes open grasslands where mice are plentiful. Inside, up against the roof of a barn, is ideal. Keep in mind that it needs to be in an isolated area, but somewhere the owl will see it. Make sure the nest is not at risk of being explored by raccoons or snakes.
Step 2
Decide how large you want the nesting box to be. It should be at least large enough to accommodate an owl, of course, but you could also make it large enough for an entire owl family.

It needs to be roomy, and away from predators. If you place it under the barn roof, you do not need to build a roof on the barn box. On average, for a family of owls, the nesting box should be 24 inches by 24 inches on the inside.
Step 3
Cut a piece of plywood to fit your measurements using a saw, then make three more walls and a bottom piece.

Next, use the saw to make a large entrance hole in the front wood piece, about 6 inches or 7 inches wide and tall. Fasten the sides to the front and back, then attach the bottom with a drill and screws.

Next, drill the drainage holes. Use the drill to make eight or nine small holes in the bottom piece, about 1/4 inch in diameter.
Step 4
Secure a top to the nesting box if the box will be exposed on top. Attach it with the screwdriver and screws, or a nail and hammer if that suits you better.
Step 5
Add an inch or two of wood shavings to the bottom of the barn owl nest box. Barn owls do not make nests, and don't collect material, so it's important to supply it for them.
Step 6
Secure the nesting box with metal braces to the place you have chosen.

Make sure it is secure and will not fall down when weight is pressed into it.

Make sure to stop using any rodent poisons in this area, and reduce human activity near the nesting box.

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