How to Build Leg Muscles With Biking

How to Build Leg Muscles With Biking
Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to build strong leg muscles and keep the rest of your body in shape. With the proper gear and training methods, you can build muscle, look better and feel more energized.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bicycle
  • Stationary trainer
  • Clipless pedals and shoes
Step 1
Find an adequate bicycle. If you plan to use your bicycle strictly for training and strength-building exercises, a road bike is probably your best bet. Even many professional mountain bikers do a large portion of their training on a road bike. If you prefer to ride on dirt and trails, a mountain bike will allow you to build leg muscle as well. Be sure to find a decent, solid bike at a bike shop. The bikes at most big-box retail stores are plagued with mechanical issues and poor craftsmanship.
Step 2
Ride your bike to get a good feel for your current conditioning. To build leg muscle, the rest of your body will already have to be in good shape. Building leg muscle will eventually require sprinting and vigorous hill climbing, and it's important to have a healthy heart and strong core to facilitate these exercises.
Step 3
Develop a steady workout schedule. If you really want to build leg muscle quickly and efficiently, it is best to ride several times a week. Depending on where you live, inclement weather might deter this. Consider purchasing a stationary bike trainer. This is essentially a resistance device that attaches to the rear wheel of your bike, allowing you to train indoors. These can be purchased for less than $200.
Step 4
Consider purchasing clipless pedals and shoes. Clipless pedals allow you to attach your shoes to the pedals during riding, facilitating the correct pedaling form. This pedaling system will allow you to develop a proper spinning technique, in which you pull the pedals up during the upstroke while still hammering down on the downstroke. In addition, all of the muscles in your legs will be active.
Step 5
Try out different techniques while riding, and keep your bike workout varied. For example, you might dedicate one day to practicing sprinting, and another day to hill-climbing, while saving the third day for long-distance riding. This will keep your leg muscles in shape and allow them to quickly react to whatever riding style you choose.

Tips & Warnings

Pay attention to your nutrition while you train. A diet rich in protein and carbohydrates is advisable.
Be sure to consult a doctor before taking on any rigorous training routine.

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