How to Set Up a Canopy Tent

How to Set Up a Canopy TentA canopy tent gives coverage from the sun as well as the rain. Canopy tents are great for events such as crafts shows or outside weddings, as well as gatherings by the pool or picnic. When setting up a canopy tent, it is best to have at least one other person helping to make the procedure go faster as well as safer, as it is easy to pinch your fingers in the frame of the canopy if you are not careful.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Small round weights or stakes
Step 1
Remove the canopy and material roof from its case. Place the canopy on its legs and place the roof aside until you finish Step 2.
Step 2
Pull the legs apart. Pull on one leg while another person pulls on the opposite leg. Do the same for the other legs. Separate the canopy legs at least a foot from each other.
Step 3
Spread the material roof on top of the frame of the canopy. Some roofs have Velcro to tie down to the frame, while others use bungee balls. Once the roof is connected to the frame, pull the legs farther out.
Step 4
Go underneath the canopy to push up the center of the frame to raise it. At the top of each leg there are brackets with one fitting. On each leg, push the bracket up until a metal ball (called the "locking button") snaps into the fitting. This will help stop the canopy from folding.
Step 5
Note that each leg has four to five holes. There is a metal ball on a spring inside each leg that will pop into one of the holes as you raise the canopy by pushing up on each leg. Other canopy tents use clips to place into the hole at the desired height instead of the metal balls.
Step 6
Place a weight on the bottom of each canopy tent leg. If you choose not to use weights, you can use a stake and tie a rope from each leg to each stake to keep the canopy from moving.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to remove the canopy tent roof when taking it down. Do not keep the roof on the canopy, since this could cause ripping.

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