How to Plan a Hawaiian Vacation

How to Plan a Hawaiian Vacation
For most people, a trip to Hawaii is a dream vacation. To make sure that your vacation turns out the way you hope it will, it's important to plan ahead. After all, what use are cheap tickets if it rains the whole time you are there? Equally, you want to make sure that you are visiting the island that best suits your interests, whether it's hiking to active volcanoes or scuba diving with manta rays.


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Step 1
Decide what time of year to go. The busy season in Hawaii is usually from around December to April and June and July. As for seasons, Hawaii generally has just two seasons, summer and winter. Winter is usually rainy with temperatures averaging in the 70s while summer is drier with temperatures in the 80s. Also consider whether or not you want to visit during whale season which runs from December to April.
Step 2
Choose an island to visit. Each island has its own unique aspects. If you want the outdoors, but also want a good size city with excellent nightlife, consider Oahu. Maui is more remote than Oahu but offers black sand beaches, mountains that you can hike to and some nice diving. Hawaii is the biggest island and is where you should go to see active volcanoes or to do some excellent scuba diving. Kauai is the most remote of the four major islands, and is filled with lush valleys that are great for hiking, as well as some excellent river kayaking opportunities.
Step 3
Choose your accommodations so that you're centrally located. People tend to underestimate just how big the islands in Hawaii can be. Consider carefully the activities you enjoy so that you book a hotel in a location well suited to you. For instance, why stay in Waikiki if you plan to spend most of your time hiking and kayaking on the Windward side? Instead, save yourself the 45-minute commute and stay in that part of the island.
Step 4
Plan your itinerary. Again, to avoid spending more time travelling from one place to another, decide where you want to go before you arrive in the islands. Visit several attractions in one area instead of repeatedly going back to an area to see different things.
Step 5
Determine whether you need to get a rental car. Visitors to Oahu may not need to rent a car as the bus service in Oahu is very reliable and travels throughout the island. Also, if you only plan to stay at a resort and participate in resort-organized tours, you may be able to skip the rental car. However, if you do believe that you need a rental car, be sure to book it ASAP as it is not uncommon for rental cars to run out in Hawaii.

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