How to Put Down a Pop Up Tent

How to Put Down a Pop Up TentWhen camping, it is important to know hot to put up your pop-up tent properly. Doing so will allow you to install the tent quicker and without any damage. Likewise, it is important to know how to take down the pop up tent. This is more to prevent damage such as tearing as well and injuries as well. If you are not careful while taking the tent down, someone can become seriously hurt.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent
  • Tent Bag
Step 1
Remove all the contents from within the tent. It will prove difficult to fold the tent properly once it has been taken down with any objects left inside.
Step 2
Make sure all other individuals are away from the tent while you are taking it down. If someone is too close one of the poles can swing out and hit them.
Step 3
Remove one of the poles from its holding hood at the base of the tent. This is usually next to where one of the stakes is located. Pull this out of the small hood and the stake will instantly stretch and straighten out. Hold onto the pole while this happens so it doesn't swing up and hit you. Do the same thing for the other end of the pole. You will not have as much of an issue with the pole straightening out after removing the other end because the leverage has already been relieved from the other end. Slide the pole completely through the middle of the tent and it will be free of the tent.
Step 4
Repeat this process with all the other poles in the tent.
Step 5
Fold the poles up and slide them gently into the tent's bag. Do not toss them in because you do not want them to tear the bag. It is also important that you place these in the bag first, because if you place the tent in first the poles may rip the tent while sliding in.
Step 6
Remove the stakes from the ground. Clear off any dirt on the stakes and place them into the bag.
Step 7
Flatten the tent completely. Fold the tent and role it up, making sure to roll slowly. This will squeeze out all air which is in the tent. Slide it into the tent bag and you will be all set to go.

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