How to Pump a Professional Road Bike Tire

How to Pump a Professional Road Bike Tire
When using a road bike, it is important to keep the tires pumped. Low tires make it harder to pedal and gain momentum, which may be dangerous on city streets. Keeping your tires pumped will help prevent this issue; however you will need to watch just how much air you put into the tire, because when a tire is overinflated it can pop, which may cause injuries or damage to the bike.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Road bike
  • Bike pump
Step 1
Look through the owners manual of your bike for the appropriate tire pressure. If you are not sure you may need to take the bike into a local bike shop. They should be able to figure out the optimal tire pressure for your bike.
Step 2
Remove the cap that covers the air valve on the inside of the bike wheel.
Step 3
Place the end of the pump's tube over the air valve. You will begin to hear air escape. Press down on the valve lock, which is on the end of the air hose. This will lock the hose into place and prevent more air from escaping.

Make sure you have the correct pump for the valve. There are two common types of valves, Presta (narrow) and Schrader (wider and identical to car tire valves). Some pumps are universal, but some only fit one type of valve.
Step 4
Begin pumping the air pump. Keep your eye on the air pressure display. Stop once you reach the recommended pressure. Unlock the house and remove it from the valve. Replace the valve cap.
Step 5
Repeat the process with the other bike tire.

Article Written By Greyson Ferguson

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