How to Fix a Fishing Trawler Net in RuneScape

How to Fix a Fishing Trawler Net in RuneScape
Fishing Trawler is a members-only mini-game in RuneScape in which you can increase your fishing level and catch rare fish. This mini-game is very difficult to win alone; however, if you play with other players, your chances of winning are much greater. Throughout the Fishing Trawler mini-game, the fishing net continually rips, and leaks erupt in the hull of the fishing boat. These problems must be repaired if you wish to win the mini-game. Fixing the fishing net is a fairly simple process.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Begin increasing your RuneScape crafting level by regularly practicing fishing net fixing skills. While players with a low crafting level can fix the fishing net, those with a higher crafting level can do so more easily. Also, make sure that your fishing level is at least 15.
Step 2
Log onto world 116. Since this world is designated as the Fishing Trawler world, there will be many other players there to help you win the mini-game. Walk to Port Sarim and charter a ship to Port Khazard. Purchase five bailing buckets, 15 ropes and at least 100 swamp pastes from the General Store in Port Khazard. Speak to Murphy and tell him you would like to go with him on his fishing trawler. Then board the boat and go down the ladder.
Step 3
Watch the water and activity levels in the game interface. Also, check the condition of the net frequently. When your activity level gets too low, use the bailing buckets in your inventory or patch the holes in the boat with the swamp paste. This is important, since you will be removed from the mini-game if your activity-level meter runs out.
Step 4
Climb up the ladder when the interface reads "Net: Ripped!" Right-click the net and select, "Inspect Trawler Net." Watch the response to your inspection. The game interface will tell you that you have managed to fix the net, that you failed to fix it due to harsh conditions or that it is not damaged. Watch your activity level, as it may decline while you're inspecting and fixing the net. This is especially true if there are many players competing to fix the net.
Step 5
Go back down the ladder when your activity level meter is less than half full. Bail water and patch holes to get your activity level meter high again. Then go back up the ladder to fix the fishing net again.

Tips & Warnings

You can't take the ropes on the boat to fix the fishing net. You can only examine them.


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