How to Build a Free Standing Kayak Rack

How to Build a Free Standing Kayak Rack
An easy way to get your kayaks up off the ground and keep them clean is to use a simple, homemade A-frame kayak rack. Building your own takes only a couple of hours using basic tools and materials.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Construction and Setup

Things You’ll Need:
  • Four 2x4 inch boards -- standard stud length.
  • Three 10-foot 2x4s
  • Two door hinges
  • Six 1½-inch wood screws for attaching the hinges
  • Eight 4-inch long x 1/2-inch carriage bolts with washers and nuts
  • Two 6-foot long 2x4s
  • Six ½-inch or 3/8-inch screw-in eye bolts and some paint to finish off the job.
  • Saw, wrench, and a drill with boring and screwdriver bits
  • Four to eight bungee cords 3 to 6 foot long
Step 1
Lay two 2x4 studs end to end. Attach them with a door hinge as shown. Repeat with other studs.
Step 2
Turn the hinged studs so the hinges are down. Lift the leg frames from the center until you have a pair of upside down V's.
Step 3
Drill a ½-inch hole in either end of a 10-foot 2x4 and in one leg of each "V" just below the hinge. Bolt the 2x4 across the top between the two leg assemblies.
Step 4
Attach the other two 10-foot long 2x4s lengthwise about 2 or 3 feet above the ground. Drill holes and bolt the 2x4s to each leg.
Step 5
Screw the two 6-foot cross members to the legs.
Step 6
Attach half inch screw-in eye bolts to the end of each cross member for attaching bungee cords when you strap down the kayaks.
Step 7
Attach screw-in eye bolt to the top lengthwise cross member near the ends as shown above.
Step 8
Paint or stain the structure.
Step 9
Strap the kayaks or canoes on the cross members with bungee cords as shown in the picture.

Article Written By Tom King

Tom King published his first paid story in 1976. His book, "Going for the Green: An Insider's Guide to Raising Money With Charity Golf," was published in 2008. He received gold awards for screenwriting at the 1994 Worldfest Charleston and 1995 Worldfest Houston International Film Festivals. King holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Southwestern Adventist College.

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