How to Build a Bird Trap

How to Build a Bird Trap
Understanding how to catch animals in the wild isn't necessarily something that many people know, but it is important. Whether it is for sport or survival, a bird is one of the first things you should try to catch. You can make a trap out of things found in nature, in addition to a pocket knife and some sort of string. The key is to look for as many signs of birds as possible, such as nests, droppings and so on.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Small sharp knife, such as a pocket knife
  • Medium-size rock
  • String, rope or cord
  • Large, thick stick
  • Smaller stick
Step 1
Search the area for signs of birds. You want to find a place where birds have obviously landed before, such as a barren tree or pole in a clearing.
Step 2
Use your knife to sharpen each end of a thick stick at least 5 feet long into points. Then use the knife to drill a small hole through the stick near one end of it.
Step 3
Find a smaller stick that is tiny enough to insert into the drilled hole and at least five inches in length.
Step 4
Find a rock about the size of your hand and tie the string or cord around it securely. This can be a shoelace, sleeping bag cord or any similar item. Knot the string around the rock, then lace it through the hole in the larger stick.
Step 5
Tie a slip noose in the side of the string that you passed through the hole. Make the noose large enough that your fist can fit through it.
Step 6
Thread the string through, then tie an overhand knot on the other side right in front of the hole. You need to make sure the string won't slide through the small hole.
Step 7
Insert the smaller stick into the hole, but not all the way through it. You want the bird to land on the small stick, which will fall and loop the noose around the bird's feet, trapping it.
Step 8
Push the larger stick firmly into the ground with the smaller one sticking out of it. Wait for a bird to land on it.

Article Written By Lauren Wise

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