How to Ollie on Skis

How to Ollie on Skis
The trick called an ollie is usually done on a skateboard or snowboard, but it is possible to do it on snow skis. You execute it in the same way as on a snowboard, but with a little bit different maneuver in the way you angle the body. If you have specific snow skis that are designed for tricks, this will help a lot.


Difficulty: Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snow skis
  • Protective gear, like a helmet
Step 1
Start back up on the mountain with a clear space in front of you. Begin to ski forward in a straight line, with your knees bent and your weight distributed evenly between both feet.
Step 2
Bend your knees a little more so that you are almost in a crouching position. Carefully lean forward a little so the majority of your weight is on the tips of your skis.
Step 3
Execute the ollie trick by quickly shifting your weight toward the back of your skis while bending your knees more to lower the hips (bend to the point where you could be sitting in a chair). The point is to rock from the tip of your skis to the back to create a flexing motion, springing you up into the air a couple feet. If you have trouble, practice first by springing off one leg to get into the air.
Step 4
Pop yourself up from the back of your skis, using your legs. Gain more power by using your arms to swing through the air.
Step 5
Point your skis straight forward while in the air to distribute the weight evenly again to your skis. As you land, bend the knees to absorb the landing, and keep your skis straight.

Tips & Warnings

Be patient when trying to master on ollie on skis. It will take time, practice and possibly some hard falls.

Article Written By Lauren Wise

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