How to Sex Gouldian Finches

How to Sex Gouldian Finches
Colorings and different varieties of the bird may make sexing Gouldian finches difficult. This cage bird--also known as rainbow finch, lady Gouldian finch and painted finch--is a popular pet. In order to sex the birds correctly, there are different areas of the body and characteristics important to observe. Sexing occurs once the finch fledges. Once Gouldian finches reach adulthood, they are colored purple, yellow and blue. With practice, identifying male and female at a glance is possible because the difference in the variety is universal once known.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Listen to the Gouldian finch. Does it sing? If so, it is a male Gouldian finch. The females in the species do not sing. Not all males will sing, so continue to try to sex the finch before deciding it is female based on silence.
Step 2
Check for a finch to lay an egg, if the bird is an adult. Only females lay eggs.
Step 3
Observe just-fledged finches to see the coloring on the back. They are normally a greenish color. Females appear grayer with a narrower head, and males are more colorful with a wider head.
Step 4
Sex adult Gouldian finches by closely observing the color of the feathers in the breast and head of the bird. Male Gouldian finches are brightly colored and have pure coloring without black dispersed through the feathers. Females have a mix of paler feathers and black feathers. The coloring difference between males and females holds true with all varieties and colorings of the Gouldian finch.

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