How to Set Up a Military Pup Tent

How to Set Up a Military Pup TentOld military pup tents made out of canvas are a cheap way to get a basic piece of camping equipment, and can be found both online and in Army-Navy surplus stores across the country. Pitching this tent used to be a basic skill taught to recruits in armies around the world, and while the first time might be a little awkward, after that setting it up will be easy.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Surplus canvas pup tent kit (support poles, stakes and line)
  • Hammer or camping hatchet
  • Helper or big rock
Step 1
Choose a good camp site. There should be enough dirt for driving your tent stakes (no rocky ground), it should be reasonably level, and in a well-drained area.
Step 2
Unfold the pup tent on the ground, making sure that none of the tent fabric or lines are tangled up.
Step 3
Use a hammer or the hammer end of a camping hatchet to drive the first support pole into the ground, at either the front or rear of the tent.
Step 4
Draw the line over the top of the first pole so that it is taut, and then thread a stake through the loop on the end and drive that into the ground with your hammer/camping hatchet. To get a taut line, you will need either a second pair of hands or a weight like a heavy rock to secure the line.
Step 5
Repeat the process from Steps 3 and 4 with the other pole, placed at the other end of the tent.
Step 6
Go around the tent, pull each corner taut, thread a stake through the loop there, and drive it into the ground with the hammer/camping hatchet. Do this for each corner.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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