How To Build Outside Bicycle Storage Racks

How To Build Outside Bicycle Storage Racks
If you are a cyclist, chances are you have a plethora of equipment and a "stable full" of bicycles. Just like every other aspect of life, it is important to keep your cycling equipment organized and in a safe place. Oftentimes your garage becomes the storage area for your bicycles, however if you want to clean up some garage space and store your bikes in a convenient location you could also build an outdoor storage rack to be located in your back yard, under an awning, or on the porch. This type of storage rack is safe and effective and can be built inexpensively in just a few afternoons.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Screw-in utility hooks
  • 2x4 inch lumber
  • Saw
  • Drill
Step 1
Cut the 2x4 inch lumber into two 3 foot long sections and three 6 foot long sections. Build two "T"s by screwing the 3 foot sections onto the bottoms of two of the 6 foot sections with the drill and a screwbit.
Step 2
Turn the "T"s over so that the 3 foot sections become the bases of the rack and then screw the last 6 foot section onto the tops of the two bases.
Step 3
Screw the utility hooks into the bottom of the horizontal 6 foot crossmember of the rack at 2 foot intervals. In order to use the rack, lift the bicycle's front wheel up and hang it on one of the hooks. Repeat for as many bicycles as you have hooks.
Step 4
Use your normal bike lock to lock the bicycles together and to the rack and you can also mount the rack securely to an outside wall with lag bolts.

Tips & Warnings

Place the rack under an awning or roof, or use a large tarp to drape over the entire apparatus to keep the weather off of the bikes.

Article Written By Nathaniel Miller

Nathaniel Miller is a technical writer for an environmental division of Microbac Laboratories, Inc. He has a Master of Science from Ohio University. With over eight years of technical writing experience, Miller has a diverse skill-set and enjoys a wide-ranging client base. He is widely published on numerous writing websites and runs a small writing business out of his home in Marietta, Ohio.

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