How to Travel From Montego Bay to Cuba

How to Travel From Montego Bay to Cuba
If you are in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and want to get to Cuba, there are a couple of travel options available. If you want to travel by air you can book a flight into Cuba. Each week in 2009 there were 92 seats available for air travel from Montego Bay to Havana, Cuba, which is where the major airport is located in Cuba. Traveling by sea on a boat is also an option if you would prefer to not travel by plane.


Difficulty: Moderate

By Air

Things You’ll Need:
  • Passport Entry visa
  • Passport
  • Entry visa
Step 1
Determine which city you want to travel to in Cuba from Montego Bay. Flights leave Montego Bay and fly into several Cuban cities including Havana, Santiago and Cayo Coco.
Step 2
Select an airline and book a flight. American-based travel agencies and websites do not allow the booking of flights to Cuba. Flights can be booked directly with airline carriers, such as Air Jamaica, or on foreign travel booking websites, such as
Step 3
Get a tourist entry visa. The entry requirements for Cuba are that travelers have a return ticket out of the country, a valid passport and a visa. Check to see if the airline you have chosen is issuing a tourist visa for you. If not, you can get one at customs when you arrive in Cuba. The 2009 fee for a tourist visa is between CUC$25 and CUC$35.

By Sea

Step 1
Pick a port that you are interested in arriving at in Cuba. You can sail into María la Gorda, Havana, Cienfuegos, Cabo de San Antonio, Varadero, Santiago and Trinidad de Cuba.
Step 2
Locate a boat that is heading to the port in Cuba that you are interested in visiting. There are no official ferries that go to Cuba. Instead, travelers wishing to get to Cuba by boat from Montego Bay must find a boat in the bay that is heading in that direction. Your hotel front desk may be able to point you to a ship that often takes tourists to Cuba. Travelers may have success getting to Cuba with Heave-Ho Fun Cruises. At different times of the year it offers a cruise to Santiago de Cuba that can be booked via its website (see Resources).
Step 3
Prepare to purchase a tourist visa when you arrive in the port in Cuba if you have not secured one in advance. Customs does allow travelers to purchase a visa on the spot upon arrival. You will need to have an airline ticket out of the country before you will be granted the entry visa.

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