How to Tie Snowshoes

How to Tie Snowshoes
Modern snowshoe designs feature a system of bindings that allow users to tighten and loosen the fit of the shoe as necessary. Some outdoor enthusiasts prefer to snowshoe with traditional racket-shaped wooden shoes, which require the use of laces made of durable materials such as rawhide. Wearing incorrectly laced snowshoes can result in falls and injury. Get the most out of your snowshoeing experience by familiarizing yourself with the proper ways of tying snowshoes.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Put on the normal footwear that you will be using for snowshoeing. Place your foot into the toe hole of the snowshoe.
Step 2
String the shoelace under, over and back under the toe bar, creating a loop over the toe hole.
Step 3
Pull on the lace to tighten the loop around your foot.
Step 4
Bring both ends of the lace to the base of your ankle and crisscross them. Bring the two ends to the back of your foot, directly above your heel, and tie them in a knot.
Step 5
Crisscross the ends again, bringing them to your shin. Secure the lace in place by tying the two ends together in a double knot.

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