How to Use Salmon Fishing Lures

How to Use Salmon Fishing LuresAnglers take salmon on a variety of fishing lures, chief among them spoons, spinners, jigs and especially flies. Taking salmon with a lure is the mark of a skilled angler. Almost anyone can catch salmon with a few salmon eggs, but it takes a seasoned angler to pull a mighty chinook from a river with a few pieces of thread wrapped around a hook.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel spooled with 12-15 pound line
  • Fishing tackle, including lures and flies
  • Fly fishing rod and reel
Step 1
Troll spoons and spinners behind a boat on salmon lakes and the ocean. Let the lure follow the current during retrieval to mimic a baitfish. You can also use a depth finder and divers -- specially shaped plugs designed to swim deep when trolled -- to get down to the fish.
Step 2
Go bottomfishing for salmon with jigs, casting these lures into pools and eddies where salmon search for a meal on the bottom in calm water.
Step 3
Try driftfishing with small surface plugs cast upriver from the banks, letting the lure flow past your position while you keep the rod tip pointed at your line. Keep the line taut and retrieve as necessary so you can feel the strike.
Step 4
Cast dry flies onto the surface of a lake or areas of slow moving water, such as pools with exposed rock formations on a river. If a salmon does not rise to the lure within a minute, retrieve the line and cast again.
Step 5
Use smaller lures in the spring and larger lures in the fall. Salmon will grow as the season progresses and will be looking for a bigger meal during the fall months. Use a seine to catch a few baitfish in the shallows so you can gauge their size and choose lures to match.

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