How to Use a Folding Bicycle

How to Use a Folding Bicycle
Folding bicycles offer a blend of self-propelled transportation with the convenience and ease of storing or transporting a compact sized bike. You can take your folding bicycle on the bus or subway. You can carry the bike into your office and never worry again about whether it will still be in the bike rack outside at the end of the day or whether you'll need to file a police report for a stolen bike. Learn more about using a folding bicycle by following these steps.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Set the bike on the ground on its side.
Step 2
Look for the crossmember hinge near the fork of the front wheel and press the button in the center.
Step 3
Raise the front wheel and turn it outward into riding position.
Step 4
Secure the front wheel crossmember by releasing the center button until you hear a click, which means the crossmember is locked in place.
Step 5
Fold down the pedals and crankshafts until they click and lock into place.
Step 6
Adjust the seat by flipping up the release lever and moving the seat post to the desired height, then press the lever down to lock the seat in place.
Step 7
Check the caliper brakes before riding the bike by depressing the levers on the handle bars to be sure the wheels will stop when necessary.
Step 8
Mount and ride your folding bicycle as you would any other bike.
Step 9
Reverse steps two to six to fold and store your bicycle.

Tips & Warnings

Wear a safety helmet and riding gloves.

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