How to Regrip a Fishing Rod

How to Regrip a Fishing Rod
If you have a favorite fishing rod that you have used so much that the grip is worn out, you don't have to throw the rod out and buy a new one, and you don't have to pay a professional to replace the grip for you. Regripping a rod is something that you can do yourself, and you will be out on the water with it in no time.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 65-to-80-lb. test braided fishing line
  • 1/2 inch or larger diameter dowel rod
  • 400-grit sandpaper
  • New EVA foam grip
  • Epoxy glue, Flex Coat Rod Builders Epoxy Glue or similar
  • Epoxy cleaner
Step 1
Make a saw for cutting off the old foam grip by cutting a piece of the 65-to-80-lb. braid about 2 feet long then making two 8-inch handles from the dowel rod. Wrap one end of the line around one of the handles and tie it off securely. Repeat for the other handle with the other end of the line.
Step 2
Hold the handles in either hand and cut under the foam grip by using a sawing action as you work the braid down the blank under the foam. Cut away as much of the old foam as possible,
Step 3
Sand off the remaining foam gently with the 400-grit sandpaper. Get only the foam and don't damage the rod blank.
Step 4
Slide the new foam grip onto the blank until it stops. Mark the blank at the bottom position of the grip. Apply a liberal amount of the epoxy glue 2 inches above your mark and all the way to the spot where the grip will be in position on the blank, closest to the butt.
Step 5
Soak the grip in very hot water. Use both hands to push the grip down from the top to the correct position on the blank.
Step 6
Use an epoxy cleaner or acetone to clean off any excess epoxy glue, and you are finished.


Article Written By Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith began writing for Demand Studios in May of 2009 and has since written over 1400 articles for them. He also writes for "The College Baseball Newsletter." He attended the University of New Mexico, and has more than 25 years of experience in the business world.

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