How to Film Snowboarding

How to Film Snowboarding
Snowboarding is one of the fastest-growing winter sports in the country. Sometimes, if you have a friend who is extremely talented or you just feel like filming some snowboarding action, you may want to just bust out the video camera and start shooting. However, if you want to experience the action of snowboarding, you will want to get your camera into the action and not just film from a distance.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Camera
  • Second snowboard
  • Duck tape
Step 1
Stand in the middle of the half pipe (of if on a hill, where the snowboarder will pass). You will want to film them as close as you can when they pass you. It may also be a good idea to place the camera lower to the ground so you can get a better angle of the snowboard.
Step 2
Position the camera on the top of the half pipe, right where they plan to come up for a trick or to gain speed. Have the camera right alongside the ground, pointed at the skyline. This way, the snowboarder will simply appear when they come up, and you will be able to see every little piece of snow toss up off the board and hang against the blue sky.
Step 3
Place the camera against the front boot of the snowboarder, pointing in the direction of the board. This will give you the perfect shot of exactly what is going on with the snowboarder. Wrap it around the boot tight with duck tape. This will work best with smaller cameras. Not only will it have less of a chance of falling off, but it will not be as heavy and won't throw off the snowboarder's balance.
Step 4
Find someone else who is adequate with snowboarding and have them ride alongside the snowboarder you would like to follow. This will give a nice tracking effect, and it should be smooth as well because of the snow. However, you most likely will not be able to use the sound, due to all the wind striking the microphone from the excessive movement.

Article Written By Greyson Ferguson

Greyson Ferguson is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in film and television. He currently resides in Lansing, Michigan where he works on independent film projects and writes for numerous publications. Ferguson primarily focuses on computer and electronic articles. Greyson produces, focusing on only upbeat news stories with daily updates.

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