How to Travel to Africa

How to Travel to Africa
From the pyramids of Egypt to the beaches and safaris of South Africa, there is much to be seen in the African continent. However, there are few and far between ways to travel to Africa, and most visitors to the continent will only have one or two options available to them. In addition, much of the continent is in constant turmoil, making it dangerous for outsiders to visit.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Obtain your passport or renew it (if it is required) before your trip. If you are traveling from the United States, you will generally not need a visa. Instead, upon arrival, you are granted an entry permit that is good for up to 90 days.
Step 2
Book an airfare ticket from the United States to Africa. You will most likely have to fly into either Cairo or Johannesburg. These are two of the largest cities in Africa, not to mention they are in two of the most stable countries as well.
Step 3
Look for cruises to the continent as well. There are cruise lines that depart from either North or South America and sail around the cost of Africa, stopping in several different ports. Because of the distance traveled, these can be pricey.
Step 4
Avoid riding your bike or hiking across the borders into different African countries. Because many cities are few and far between, if you were to become lost, it can be nearly impossible to find your way back or to call for help.
Step 5
Travel through South Africa via train; however, there is not an extensive train system through the continent. Currently, engineers are working on a plan to connect Spain with Morocco, but it is currently only on paper.

Tips & Warnings

Be wary about the cruise liners. This is due to pirate activity off the cost of Africa over the past few years. These pirates have been hijacking and kidnapping individuals from these boats and keeping them for ransom.

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