How to Travel in Europe

How to Travel in Europe
There are many ways to travel while in Europe. With the countries compacted together, you can easily take the train, bus or cab from one country to another. Bicycling is also prevalent throughout the continent, and will provide an exceptional opportunity to see the countryside. It just depends on how adventurous you are and exactly how much money you want to spend.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Purchase a Euro Rail pass. This pass will allow you to ride the far-ranging train system throughout the continent. If you plan on staying for any extended period of time this may be the optimal mode of transportation.
Step 2
Head over to any bus terminal in Europe. There will be at least one in every large city. Inside the bus terminal you will find a listing of all the routes, as well as when the next bus leaves. This will be one of the cheapest ways to travel across the continent, as well as one of the longest.
Step 3
Hail a taxi. Most taxi drivers will want to stay within the city you are in, but some may be able to take you someplace further, if the price is right. You will probably spend more than any other mode of transportation for this ride.
Step 4
Rent a bike. If you would rather see the countryside, take your time and get some exercise while doing it, this is be the perfect way to go. You will be able to ride not just through the city itself, but to neighboring cities as well. Some bike companies have agreements with companies several towns down (or even cross country). Just pay the deposit and you will be able to ride your new bike to your heart's content.

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