What to Wear to Bed When Camping

What to Wear to Bed When Camping
Camping in the outdoors usually involves cooler weather at night, and that makes most of us think we are going to stay chilly once we get under our covers or into our sleeping bags. Most of the time after just a few minutes, your body heat takes over and keeps you warm until morning; that is, if your sleeping bag is rated for the temperature you are camping in. Sometimes your bed may not be up to the task at hand and you may need more protection from the cold. Here are some ideas and a tip to help you make the right decisions.


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What to Wear to Bed

Things You’ll Need:
  • Polypropylene underwear
  • Silk underwear
Step 1
The proper garments to wear to bed during an outing are the newer versions of insulated underwear. Today's outdoorsmen and women have a better choice than previous generations. If the weather is cold and you need some protection when you rise from your sleeping bag, wear an undergarment made of either silk or polypropylene. Other materials in the same category are coming into the market every day, but most have these two ingredients woven in. These fabrics wick moisture away from the body so you don't feel so clammy when you wake up.
Step 2
Never wear cotton insulated underwear to bed. If you cannot afford to buy the newer and more expensive underwear and have to rely on the older cotton underwear, then do so, but never wear it to bed. The cotton fibers will fill with sweat during the night and be of no use to you when you get out of your bag or out from under your covers and put your outer garments on.
Step 3
In warmer winter climates or if you have to use the cotton long johns, you should just wear your normal short underwear to bed. Wear jockeys or briefs (it really doesn't matter), and then put your long underwear on when you wake up.
Step 4
If the daily temperatures are 50 degrees F or below, it is considered to be cold-weather camping and you should wear a stocking cap on your head and polypropylene or silk socks. Do not sleep with your head in the sleeping bag because condensation from your breath will accumulate and reduce the insulating qualities of your bag. For the same reason, do not wear clothes to bed that may be damp.
Step 5
It helps to jog in place for a few minutes before you get in your bag to get your body temperature up. However, do not jog or exercise to the point where you would perspire.

Tips & Warnings

When sleeping in cold weather with cotton long johns, take them off and roll them up before you go to bed. Put them in the foot of your sleeping bag and they will be nice and toasty warm when you put them on in the morning.
If it is really cold, you can put a few hand warmers inside the sleeping bag at your feet.


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