How to Fly Fish With a Regular Fishing Pole

How to Fly Fish With a Regular Fishing Pole
Challenging fishing conditions demand flexibility from an angler. If the fish aren't interested in your spinners, spoons and plugs---maybe the wicked creatures are down there laughing at your lure presentations---perhaps you need a change of tactics. Maybe they'll rise to an artificial fly, but you don't have a fly rod or the specialized line for casting these lightest of lures. No problem. With improvisation and these steps, you can rig a regular pole for fly-fishing.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Baitcasting or spinning rod and reel spooled with 10- to 12-pound line
  • Dry flies, wet flies and streamers
  • Split-shot sinker weights
Step 1
Tie a dry fly, wet fly or long-tailed streamer directly to the end of the main line.
Step 2
Peel off about 12 to 15 feet of line from the rod tip, and lay it loosely on the ground with the fly on the end.
Step 3
Add two to three split-shot sinkers about 3 feet up the line. Simply pinch to close them around the line. These add some weight to the line for casting. Fly-fishing line is specifically designed to provide the weight for casting, but because you don't have fly line or a specialty fly rod, the split-shot weight will compensate.
Step 4
Hold your rod by the handle overhead with one hand, and slowly begin whipping the extended line back and forth.
Step 5
Watch the line as it swings out in front of you. When the fly on the end of the line straightens out completely, lower the line onto the water.
Step 6
Practice. You will need to spend some time working on this different style of casting until you become proficient at getting the line to whip out straight toward your target.

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