How to Fish for Salmon in New York's Salmon River

How to Fish for Salmon in New York's Salmon River
The Salmon River flows through the rural village of Pulaski in upstate New York, 25 miles north of Syracuse and within two miles of the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. Anglers wade along the riverbanks in their quest for coho and chinook (king) salmon. Some people fish from shore, others hire boats to go drift fishing. Read on to learn a variety of techniques for catching salmon in the Salmon River.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Medium-duty rod and reel
  • Flyrod and reel
  • Bait
  • Lures
  • Tackle
  • New York state fishing license
Step 1
Pepare for salmon fishing with a flyrod or spincasting equipment rigged with salmon roe (eggs) or spinners.
Step 2
Fish for salmon using salmon roe on a 4/0 hook, florescent green and yellow streamers and spinners. Pools and shallows with slow-moving water are hot spots.
Step 3
Go bottom fishing for salmon by bouncing chartreuse or pale pink jigs off the Salmon River bed in the hottest days of summer when the fish retreat to deeper water.
Step 4
Try flipping (drift fishing) for salmon by casting upstream and allowing your bait to flow past your position from the riverbank. From a boat, cast upstream and allow your rig to drift past and behind the vessel.
Step 5
Keep your rod tip pointed at the drifiting line when flipping for salmon either from shore or a boat.

Tips & Warnings

Take a free tour of the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar, 5 miles upstream from Pulaski, to learn how the state manages fishery resources. It's an educational experience that will help you appreciate what wildlife management services are doing to preserve fishing resources for the enjoyment of generations to come.
The Salmon River is fast moving and dangerous for wading anglers. Use cleats and chest waders if heading into the water and be wary of the rocks, which are sharp and slippery.

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