How to Fish Streamers

How to Fish Streamers
Streamers are a deadly weapon in the fly-fishing arsenal. Trout and big bass will attack streamers long after anglers tossing dry flies have gone home in empty-handed frustration. The reason smart fly anglers use streamers with such success is because of the size of the lure. A dry fly appears as little more than a snack to a brook trout or smallmouth bass. But a streamer resembles a nice, fat baitfish, which is the perfect meal for a hefty trout or ravenous bass.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Medium-weight fly fishing rod and reel
Step 1
Tie a shorter leader to your main fly line, between 4 and 7 feet. Streamers are heavier than dry flies and don't require as long a leader to whip them out during the cast. Be sure to tie on a sinking leader, not a floater. You want to get the streamer down where the trout and bass can see it.
Step 2
Drop the streamer upstream from pools and slow-moving water, allowing the lure to sink and drift.
Step 3
Use your flyline as a visual guide to follow the drifting streamer as it approaches a pool, where you are most likely to get a strike.
Step 4
Switch immediately to streamers if the skies become overcast or the water is murky. Their larger size and greater visibility make streamers the better fly-fishing option when the weather turns against you.
Step 5
Vary your retrieval to match the speed of the current in the river or stream. This increases the lifelike appearance of your streamer, fooling a big, wary brown trout into thinking he's about to inhale a juicy baitfish. Instead, he's destined for your skillet.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to bring your fishing license and trout permit with you on the river.

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