How to Put a Fishing Line on Fly Rods

How to Put a Fishing Line on Fly Rods
Fly fishing can enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Wading in the water and using long casting strokes to present your fly makes for an enjoyable angling experience. If you are just getting started in fly fishing, you will need to know the basics of getting the fly line set up on your rod. This is done differently than other types of fishing due to the differences between a fly fishing line and mono-filament lines.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fly line backing
  • Fly line
  • Tapered mono-filament leader
Step 1
Assemble the fly rod and secure your reel in the reel seat. Remove the spool from the reel.
Step 2
Take one end of the fly line backing and wrap it around the arbor of the reel spool twice, leaving about 8 inches with which to tie an arbor knot. Tie the arbor knot by making one overhand knot, then another, pulling tight and clipping off the excess backing.
Step 3
Place a book on a table and the backing line underneath it to provide a little tension. Pick up the rod and crank the reel in order to bring all the backing onto the reel.
Step 4
Locate the end of the fly line marked "this end towards reel." Take this end and tie it to the loose end of the backing using an albright knot.
Step 5
Crank the fly line onto the reel in the same way that you did the backing in Step 3, and you are finished loading your fly rod with line.

Article Written By Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith began writing for Demand Studios in May of 2009 and has since written over 1400 articles for them. He also writes for "The College Baseball Newsletter." He attended the University of New Mexico, and has more than 25 years of experience in the business world.

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