How to Travel to Edmonton

How to Travel to Edmonton
Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta and one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Rainfall is below average, which makes it a great city for outdoors lovers. Several travel options make it easy to get to Edmonton. Travelers to Edmonton can come by air or by land, including train travel.


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Step 1
Book a flight into Edmonton International Airport. This is the major airport in Edmonton. It has two terminals and regularly services US flights to and from San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis. Other US cities typically connect through Calgary, which is less than 300 kilometers south of Edmonton.
Step 2
Drive into Edmonton if you want to take your own vehicle. Edmonton lies off the Alberta Highway 16. Coming from Calgary, you can get there in under three hours on Queen Elizabeth II Highway. From Jasper, it is less than four hours on Highway 16.
Step 3
Take a Greyhound bus to Edmonton. Greyhound provides access to Edmonton from all of the major cities in Canada as well as from the US. If you want to travel by land but do not want to drive yourself then a bus is a good, inexpensive option.
Step 4
Use the VIA Rail passenger train service to get to Edmonton. VIA Rail provides Canadian train service throughout the country. Edmonton is a stop along the rail from many major cities, including Vancouver and Toronto. From the US, you would need to take an Amtrak train into Canada and then switch to VIA Rail. Taking a train to Edmonton is a bit more expensive than bus travel though.

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