How to Travel From Cairo

How to Travel From Cairo
Whether you're leaving Cairo for the day to travel to the nearby Giza pyramids, or traversing a longer distance south down the Nile River to the Valley of the Kings, you will need a method of transport and a plan.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • map
  • map
Step 1
Familiarize yourself with the geographical layout of Cairo. Whether you are hiking, biking or traveling by bus or car, you will need to know the routes and major roads that travel from Cairo and to other destinations.
Step 2
Decide where you'd like to travel and what method you prefer. Common transportation methods in Cairo include car, train, bus and taxi, but horseback, camel and hiking trails are also available.
Step 3
Non-traditional methods of travel include horse or camel. Many travel companies offer moonlight camel or horseback rides to the Giza pyramids for affordable prices. For more information on traveling by horse or camel, visit
Step 4
Traveling by bus or train is a common method of transportation to and from Cairo. The bus or train are reliable, affordable choices for those wishing to travel longer distances from Cairo to other cities in Egypt. For bus schedules and fares, please visit For train schedules, see
Step 5
Car rental in Cairo is available for more adventurous travelers who do not wish to adhere to a strict bus or train schedule. Many car rental companies exist in Cairo and offer the same one-way rental options as car rental companies in the United States. For more information about renting a car in Cairo, please visit

Tips & Warnings

Many of Cairo's historical sites cannot be seen while driving or riding in a bus or train. Walking or horseback/camel riding is recommended to truly see the sights outside of Cairo. Groups such as the Cairo Hash Runners Group make regular outdoor trips by hiking, jogging or walking outside Cairo. For more information, visit
Keep a map with you at all times as it is easy to get lost in an unfamiliar place. When possible, travel with a guide who knows the area.

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