How to Choose Life Vests for Pets

How to Choose Life Vests for Pets
Taking your pet out on the lake or river can be fun for both you and the dog. However, despite the misconception, not all dogs are the greatest swimmers. To help your four-legged friend around you may want to purchase him some sort of a life vest. These will ensure your pet's safety in case the boat were to tip over. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, with some being better than others for your animal.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Measure the circumference of your pet's chest. This can be done by wrapping a string tightly around the widest part in the chest. Now lay the string down against a large ruler or tape measure. This will show you the total distance around your animal's chest.
Step 2
Weigh your pet. In addition to your pet's chest size you may need to know how much your animal weighs when purchasing a life vest.
Step 3
Take your animal with you to the store where you are purchasing the life vest (if at all possible). This will allow you to try the vests on for size to make sure they fit comfortably, and allow your companion free movement with all four paws.
Step 4
Select a color which not only you would like, but which would be easily spotted if your pet were to ever fall out of the boat. You will not want a color close to the water color or a deep green and brown, which looks like the woods. Camouflage should be avoided for this.
Step 5
Purchase only life vests made for pets, not for humans. The fittings around the arms are different and will not allow your pet to move freely. It may even force their head underwater because of the way it is designed.

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