How to Make an Offshore Teaser Out of a Bottle

How to Make an Offshore Teaser Out of a Bottle
While traveling and fishing in smaller Pangas and day boats, you may encounter some crews that don't have as much equipment as their larger competition. You can raise the bar, so to speak, and save an otherwise calm, slow day with a teaser. Teasers are pulled offshore to raise Pelagic fish and trick them into thinking your spread is a group of baitfish being chased by predators, thus triggering their natural instinct to strike.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Making a Tijuana Teaser

Things You’ll Need:
  • Glass bottle Heavy fishing line or twine Ink pen or big needle
  • Glass bottle
  • Heavy fishing line or twine
  • Ink pen or big needle
Step 1
Take a empty glass bottle out of the trash or cooler and find some heavy mono leader material, twine or small rope a little longer than the boat you are on. Find an ink pen, rigging needle or even a nail on board.
Step 2
Tie a nail knot. Its name comes from the fact that most people use a nail on smaller lines. However, in this case you can use a bigger object. Run the line alongside the bottle neck with about 2 feet of tag end toward the bottom of the bottle. Wrap the tag end around the neck of the bottle and around your object at least five times. Thread what's left of the tag end through and alongside the pen or object and under the wraps, pulling toward the bottom of the bottle. Slowly pull out the pen or object while pulling on the main line and tag end simultaneously.
Step 3
Slide the wraps together as you continue pulling on the main and tag lines, and you will get a neat, close knot. The knot should rest against the bump in the bottle and be pulled tightly. Cut the tag or small end of the line off, and leave just a little of the line sticking out. If your material is a type that frays, you may want to burn its end so it will stop unraveling.
Step 4
Tie a loop at the other end with a loop knot of your choice. This is the end that you will tie to the stern cleat on the boat. After all the baits are out and trolling well, you can put it over the cleat and feed out the line so the bottle or "Tijuana Teaser" comes to rest in front of your hooked baits.
Step 5
Drop the finished teaser in the water. At trolling speed, the teaser will surface for air then dive, leaving a trail of bubbles that will bring pelagic game fish from 100 fathoms deep. To store the rig, you can wrap the line around the bottle.

Tips & Warnings

If you have enough crew to clear the teasers during a bite, you can run one off each side of the boat, which will add to the attraction.
Be careful with the glass bottle. Remember where you store it just as you would your fillet and bait knives.

Article Written By Dennis Seabright

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