How Do I String a Fishing Pole With Guide Lines?

How Do I String a Fishing Pole With Guide Lines?
Guide lines on a fishing pole help the angler aim rigged bait or lures during the cast. Guides also help distribute the weight of a heavy fish while fighting the brute to reduce stress on the fishing line. At the same time, guides help distribute the flex power of the fishing rod so you can use the strength of the equipment against the fighting power of the fish to wear it out. All of this requires a fishing line threaded through the guides, which can be done in minutes.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing pole
  • Reel spooled with fishing line
  • Snap swivels
  • Plastic bobbers
Step 1
Attach the reel spooled with line to the fishing pole by placing the front reel foot underneath the rod seat on the handle of your fishing pole, then slide the rear seat on the rod over the reel's rear foot.
Step 2
Screw the locking nut clockwise on the rod behind the rear seat to secure the reel.
Step 3
Peel off a few feet of fishing line from the reel and thread the end of the line through the reel's level winder (for bait-casting and spinning reels) or thread it under the wire bail (for open-face spinning reels).
Step 4
Make sure the guides on the fishing pole are lined up straight, from the first guide ahead of the handle to the rod tip.
Step 5
Thread the end of the fishing line through the first rod guide and continue threading the line through each guide and out through the guide at the rod tip, being careful not to wrap the line around the pole.
Step 6
Tie a swivel to the end of the line to prevent it from falling back through the rod tip and line guides, then attach a plastic bobber to the end of the line. The bobber helps you see the rod tip while transporting the equipment so you don't break off the end of your fishing rod or accidentally poke someone with the equipment.

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