How to Put Together a Fishing Pole

How to Put Together a Fishing Pole
Fishing rods are designed to leverage a lot of power for fighting fish by tapering from the handle to the tip. For convenient transportation and storage, most fishing rods are built in two to four sections of equal length that fit together to form a fishing pole anywhere from six to 12 or more feet long. Fly fishing rods are typically built in at least three sections. Follow these steps to put together your fishing pole.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod
  • reel
  • fishing line
Step 1
Set the rod sections side by side in order of size.
Step 2
Put together a two-piece rod by fitting the smaller end with the guide tip into the larger end with the handle and reel seat.
Step 3
Insert the ferrule (covered end piece) of the smaller rod section into the hole in the tip of the larger rod section and press securely into place--but do not force the parts together.
Step 4
Be sure the line guides--those wire loops on top of each rod section--are lined up on both sections so when you look down the length of the rod you can see through all the line guides like looking trough a tube.
Step 5
Put together three- and four-piece rods by inserting the closed-end ferrule of the third section into the second piece, then insert the fourth section with the rod tip on the other side into the hole of the third section. Line up all the guides.
Step 6
Mount a reel on the rod seat and twist the locking nut clockwise near the base of the fishing rod to attach the reel securely.
Step 7
Run fishing line from the reel through each of the rod guides in a straight line. Be careful not to wrap the line around the pole, which will make it almost impossible to cast and you'll have to re-rig the pole.
Step 8
Tie a swivel to the end of your line and clip a plastic bobber near it. The bobber provides a visual cue for the end of the rod tip so you don't break it off accidentally while transporting the gear to your fishing spot.

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